The company

Located in Loriol in the Drôme (26), our company is a French small and medium-sized plastics company driven by the passion of the vegetable garden.


Since 2003, we have created our own garden accessories to protect and accompany vegetable, fruit, aromatics and plant crops.

We have distinguished ourselves in the design and manufacture of ingenious products that have made themselves indispensable to many gardeners such as the rigid mini-greenhouses Modulo (tunnels of forcing, cultivation, garden bells), tutors, baskets, the flower boxes…


We are also the authorized distributor of Richel®, the leading European manufacturer of professional greenhouses, for the range of greenhouses and garden shelters for amateur gardeners.

Until then, all the products were part of different ranges featuring the umbrella brand “Pouss Vert”  launched in 2003 with the manufacture and marketing of the famous forcing tunnels (patented in France).

Present in many garden centers in France and Europe (Germany, Benelux, Portugal, Slovenia, England, etc.), in the Americas, Canada, the United States, we wish, today, capitalize on our original business and enhance our image as a French manufacturer specialized in plastic injection.

The visual identity of MV Industrie, its name and its new logo, is now present on all products.

Thanks to the notoriety of Modul’o, but also of Mikado, Kajo and Calipso, 100% French brands from manufacturing to marketing, and the need to convey our image as an industrialist, it becomes the mother identity of the company’s entire production.

The succession of the brand is now assured thanks to the evocative names of each of the ranges:

– Modul’o, forcing and growing tunnels, as well as garden bells, perfect for seedlings and seedlings.

– Mikado, colourful tutors with attachments and a water supply.

– Kajo, nomadic baskets in the outside, both practical to harvest fruit and vegetables, and decoration to preserve them.


– Calipso, pedestal planters equipped with a double wall and a water reserve for self-watering.