Greenhouse – Model 18 sqm

Greenhouse – Model 18 sqm


Width: 3 m (9.8ft)
Depth: 6 m (19.6ft)
Height at rooftop: 2 m (6.5ft)
Width of the door: 1.50 m (4.9ft)
Spacing between arches: 1.50 m (4.9ft)

Technical specifications

80-micron Polyethylene sheet covering, treated for 4 years
Anchored in the ground by a buried sheet system
Tighten and attachment of the sheet by clips frontage system
Wide door arched at the top for simple and efficient ventilation of the greenhouse
Possibility to extend the greenhouse by 1.50 m module
Easy assembly by screwing and interlocking, without requiring specific tools
Clear and illustrated assembly instructions



Hinged door with frame


Good ventilation

Cover sheet doubled



May only be used as an extension to a RICHEL
greenhouse model 9 sqm (97ft²) or model
18 sqm (194ft²) – (may not be installed







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