Forcing cloche Modul’o 35

Forcing cloche Modul’o 35


ø 35 cm – H 30 cm. Lets light through.
Integrated water collection tray + ventilation grid.
2 holes for anchoring to ground via system of stakes.
Rigid and interlocking.

Product benefits

FORCING the growth of salads. Holds cloche into the ground in
all weather.

Material : polypropylene
Colour : transparent
Origin : FRANCE
Guarantee : 5-year anti-UV
Period of use : ALL YEAR
Application : ideal for individual plants (lettuce, melons, squash, geraniums, etc.).


Poids du lot : 1.62 kg

Dimensions du lot : L 35 x l35 x h 35 cm



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Référence : PV 003 240
Gencod : 3557400032409







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