Basket Kajo 15L – Pastel colours

Basket Kajo 15L – Pastel colours


Perforated crop and storage basket. Capacity 15 L.
Neutral base, colored folding legs / handles.
Handy, functional, aesthetic and practical.

Product benefits

REDUCE lifting and PRESERVE your crop. For collecting garden crops
but also useful around the house. Folding, stackable, easy to clean and store away.

Material : polypropylene
Colour : 4 colours at choice
Origin : FRANCE
Guarantee : 5-years anti-UV
Period of use : ALL YEAR

Application : once you have gathered your crops, stack your Kajo baskets for
easy storage.



Couleur Gris / Bleu pastel

Référence : PV 001 932

Gencod : 3557400019325


Couleur Gris / Rose pastel

Référence : PV 001 933

Gencod : 35574000193322


Couleur Gris / Vert pastel

Référence : PV 001 934

Gencod : 3557400019349


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