40 L double window box Calipso Mini Junior

40 L double window box Calipso Mini Junior


an outer tray with 9 litres of water storage and a perforated inner tray to allow the right root growth.
Ventilation and watering chimney with water level control and water level control system too full.
Short feet (or long on other models) removable and perfectly adapted to children.

Product benefits

allowing a perfect balance between the elements earth, air, water and heat necessary for the proper
development of plants, herbs, seedlings, flowers, etc. Works like a water table.
SELF-SUFFICIENT water management.
ISOLATED from sun and against cold
(double wall with air circulation).

Material : polypropylene
Colour : 3 colours at choice
Origin : FRANCE
Guarantee : 5-years anti-UV
Period of use : ALL YEAR





Référence : PV 006 529

Gencod : 3557400065292

















Référence : PV 006 532

Gencod : 3557400065322











Référence : PV 006 534

Gencod : 3557400065346


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