40 L double window box Calipso Combi

40 L double window box Calipso Combi


an outer tray with water storage (9 litres) for aquifer roots and an inner tray for feeder roots.
Ventilation funnel and lateral watering system with control over water level and overflow system.
Detachable short or long legs.
Combi Version : up to 35 seeds (modular sections), a ventilated protective bell with side hinges and lower storage shelf .

Product benefits

INGENIOUS AND INNOVATIVE allowing a perfect balance between the elements
earth, air, water and heat necessary for the proper development of plants, herbs, seedlings, flowers, etc.
Works like a groundwater table.
SELF-SUFFICIENT water management.
INSULATED from sun and against cold (double wall with air circulation).

Material : polypropylene
Colour : 3 colours at choice
Origin : FRANCE
Guarantee : 5-years anti-UV
Period of use : ALL YEAR
Accessories : dividers and cloche so l d Application : ill the water storage and simply relax, your planter is self.





Référence : PV 003 526

Gencod : 3557400035264














Référence : PV 003 527

Gencod : 3557400035271











Référence : PV 003 522

Gencod : 3557400035226

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